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+ When can I access my recreational vehicle?

Each tenant is furnished an individual code and can access the facility 24hrs, 7 days a week. No time restrictions.

+ What sizes do you have and how much do they cost?

Sizes range from 20 ft thru 60 ft. We offer back in spaces and pull thru spaces. Please call office to find out what size your recreational vehicle needs to go in and what the availability is.

+ How does billing work?

All rental fees are calculated on a fully monthly or quarterly basis and shall not be refunded. Tenants are assigned to billing cycles on the 1st or 15th of the month. A statement is emailed or mailed out 1 month prior to due date.

+ What if I am late on payment?

A late fee of $10.00 per month will be added to all accounts delinquent 30 days or more. The office will notify you if your account becomes delinquent.

+ How can I make payment?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. We now accept bank accounts for auto pay customers. Make payments on our website link or call the office. Call the office for more information.

+ Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

All units must meet the management requirement for year and condition of unit. No items are allowed to be stored around the outside of the Unit unless approved by Management. No Hazardous or illegal substances on or in the Unit, with the exception of gasoline in the Unit’s gas tank and propane which must be turned off. Tenants cannot carry on any business out of the Unit while the Unit is located in the Storage Space.

+ Do I need my own insurance?

Yes, A-One Storage is not responsible for any environmental damage that may be caused to the Unit in storage.

+ What if I buy a new trailer?

The tenant must notify management if a different Unit is stored in the Storage Space. All Units must be measured and fit the requirements for space rented, if a different Unit is purchased the office must be notified and the new Unit’s length verified that it will fit in the current space rented. If the new Unit is larger let the office know so a new space can be arranged. Vacancies are limited and the office cannot guarantee storage for a larger Unit on a short term notice.

+ What services are provided?

The premise is enclosed by a six foot fenced, lighted area, and locked gate. Potable water and dump station facilities are free of charge to all tenants. Non-tenants can use the dump station for a $10.00 fee during office hours. RV car wash bay & Vacuum is available 24/7, credit card or quarters are accepted form of payment. A change machine is available.

+ Is there covered storage?

Unfortunately not at this time, but we are in the works to offer covered storage sometime soon.